Tropical LUAU
February 28th, 2019 @ 4:00pm PST
On Sale Until: Thursday, February 28th 2019, 3:12 pm
Tropical LUAU

Green Meadows Estate

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Tropical LUAU

Green Meadows Estate


The Greatest Food Inclusive Hawaiian Cooler Fete in Trinidad is here. 
KES 🇹🇹
Sekon Sta 🇹🇹
Mr. Killa 🇬🇩
Erphaan Alves 🇹🇹
Nailah Blackman 🇹🇹 & more.  

This time as a full immersive Hawaiian experience. Once you enter, you will be on our Isle! 

The Hottest Soca Djs for the Tropics:
Dj Puffy 🇧🇧
DJ Bloodline Franco & Jnr Chromatics 🇯🇲
Dj C Four - St Vincent 🇻🇨
Dj Shomari Smith & Selectah Kerry 🇹🇹
Dj Watty & Major Penny 🇹🇹
Dj Cha Cha 🇹🇹

Together, as one people we celebrate with our coolers to the backdrop pork roasting and hula dancing. Here we reunite, Soca is a part of we, because we are born for this.

Our Menu will feature savory Tropical inspired treats served in copious amounts with your choice of Vegetarian, Pork Roast or Tropical Chicken. You get a full plate, not a sample serving!

Prepare for the time of your life. 

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