The SCORCH + Hybrid Miami Combo
October 5th, 2018 @ 3:00pm EST
On Sale Until: Thursday, October 4th 2018, 12:45 pm
The SCORCH + Hybrid Miami Combo


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The SCORCH + Hybrid Miami Combo



4 Premium events on one amazing weekend!
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Duck Work 

Miami Carnival Day Rave

Friday 5th October 
3pm - 9pm

Big Phat Block Party

Drink Inclusive

(Wynwood New Location)

Friday Night 5th October 
10pm - 4am

Carnival Playground, Cooler Fete

Miami Premier Upscale Carnival Event

Saturday 6th October 
9pm - 3am

Bacchanal Beach

All White Beach Party… 

Miami Carnival Monday 

8th October, Columbus Day 
3pm - 9pm

Cooler Packages for SCORCH + SPICE are available at checkout

SCORCH Cooler ($125)
includes 2 Bottles (1 Henny or Scotch + 1 Grey Goose)
Cups / Chasers / Packed Ice

SPICE Cooler ($200)
includes 3 Bottles (1 Henny or Scotch + 1 Grey Goose + 1 Moet)
Cups / Chasers / Packed Ice

NOTE: You cannot bring drinks into the event